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Whether you're interested in set-up boxes or vinyl boxes, wait until you see how Brimar can make the candy boxes you order look as good as the candy you make!


Chipboard Candy BoxesQuality set-up boxes, also called rigid boxes or paper boxes, are a Brimar specialty. Your candy box needs to be durable, distinctive, and elegant. Brimar's set-up boxes are the perfect solution. Since Brimar is a custom candy box manufacturer, your options are limited only by your imagination.

Set-up boxes are considered a high-end product in candy packaging. With a non-collapsible chipboard bottom and cover, they are one of the strongest, yet elegant styles of confectionary boxes available today. The paper you choose to wrap your set-up box with can be white, gloss or matte solid color, printed with a theme, or printed with a pattern. It can be flat or textured. Your candy box can even be a wrapped with a foil paper. Custom graphics, such as your logo or a photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on your candy box. Your options are endless, so ask your Brimar representative to explain all the options available. We will help you create the unique candy box that will help your product sell better than you ever thought possible.



Vinyl Candy BoxBrimar's quality vinyl boxes, also called PVC boxes or clear two-piece boxes, are another great choice for candy boxes. Vinyl boxes provide an elegant candy package so your candy can sells itself. Since Brimar is a custom vinyl box manufacturer, we can manufacture your candy boxes to fit your product perfectly.

Clear lid boxes are considered a high-end candy box with an affordable price. One type of vinyl box Brimar manufactures is a clear top and clear bottom box. They are a package designed to allow your product to do all of your selling for you.

Another type of candy box that Brimar manufacturers is a paper wrapped, chipboard bottom that is closed with a vinyl lid. This style is stronger and offers more graphic area on the bottom of the box. Nutritional information is commonly printed on the bottom of this candy box.



Choxie Candy BoxEaster Egg Candy Boxes

Contact a Brimar representative today to discuss a unique and sophisticated custom confectionary box.

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